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This page uses the Earthmuffins decor, which is available from the HoTMetaL PRO 5.0 CD, via the Resource Manager. Choose Resource Manager from the View menu, then choose HoTMetaL PRO 5.0 CD from the CD ROM category from the Assets tab. You can then add Web objects, such as graphics, and create additional pages.

This is the Submenu Center layout, which features your Main Naivgation menu on the left, and your Submenu Navigation menu across the middle and along the top of the page.

The Callout Comment is at the top left, as an introductory comment, and a graphical banner is centred at the top of the page.

Organize your Parent and Home Page navigation links in the Main Menu Navigation area, then add links to sibling or child pages in the Sub-Menu Navigation area.

This is a sample page layout that you can use. For complete Website templates, use Site Maker. See `Developing your Website' in the online help for more information.

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