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Grab Your Visitor By The Nose

Grab real hard. And don't let go until you've made the sale. Do this right, and they'll never know what an awful thing you've done. They may even thank you for it!

Lets Get Serious

Since 80% or more of your visitors will exit your site before finishing the headline, it must be absolutely great, else you lose. Even those visitors who linger, generally do not begin to read. Instead they scan subheading. So these must also be grab attention.

The objective of each is slow your visitor down long enough to read the content under the subheading. If this copy grabs interest, chances are very good your visitor will return to the top of your page and begin reading. To make this easier to do, add a link to the top of the page every now and then as below.


Are All Visitors The Same?

Of course not. And there are far to many differences than can be noted here. Still, lets be clear on one point.

Some people only need a brief overview that spells out exactly what they'll get for their money. While others want every nit-picking detail. Some argue in favor of long sales presentations that include everything anyone might need. But there is an alternative. For those in a hurry, and lots of surfers seem to be, provide a solid overview. But include "more info" links as appropriate, for those who want details.

Open these new pages in a new browser window. (Add: target="_blank" at the end of the URL.) When the page is closed, your visitor will be right back where they clicked.

Close That Sale

As often as possible without making a bore of yourself, seek to close the sale. Something like the following works fine.

Click here to order via PayPal

PayPal will offer a button and an optional text link. There's no reason you can't use your own wording.

More Food For Thought

Within the source code of this page, I've included lots of notes you may find helpful. You can read them by viewing the source or downloading the page.

Wrapping Up

Many will not get this far down this page. They will take one glance, shrug, and click off. They'll be convinced this is too simplistic to sell anything. But they're wrong. Dead wrong.

It's the words on the page that sell. The copy, that is. Fancy graphics and other pages can help. But it's the copy the matters most.

If you're drawing targeted traffic and the copy is great, you will make sales. In fact the simplicity of this page may be an asset. There isn't much here except the copy. And this is what you want your visitors to see and read.

Use Your Signature

I personally favor closing with a copy of my signature. It's easy enough to create an image. Use a blue felt pen and sign your name boldly several times. Your local copy shop can scan the one you like the best to an image.

Bob McElwain

PS: This is always a good idea. Since it's close to the end of the page, this may be the last thing your visitor sees.

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