Flensburg online: Johanniskirchhof / Dezember 2003

Flensburg: Johanniskirchhof

Dear Flensburg online,

   My name is Klaus Nenn, and I was born in # 7 Johanniskirchhof in May of 1949. I spent 7 years of a very enjoyable childhood roaming the hinterhofs and strasens around Johanniskirchhof.

I spent many summers exploring the harbour. Ostsee, and spent many nights visiting Oma in Neustadt.

   In 1956, my family emigrated to Canada and settled in Edmonton Alberta. Life was not the same here as in Germany. Cold long hard winters, a culture less dependant on family matters, and values about life and property not the same as in Germany, slowly transformed me into a Canadian. Within three years, I had all but lost my emotional connections with Germany, or so I thought.

   My memories over the years though, have not failed me. I remember as a child, helping my Danish uncle Christiansen on his cargo boat steaming from the harbour into Denmark. I remember mutti dressing me up as an Oma for Sylvester. I was a good looking Oma too. I can still see myself walking down the streets with others, singing "laterne, lantern, sonne mondt und sterne".

I can't quite remember what occasion that was, but the memory of it is very clear. I used to attend the kindergarten just up the street, and had a teacher named Frau Sonya. I can still clearly see in my mind the sandbox in the kirchhof that I hid behind when mutti came looking for me, on the day that I skipped my class at kindergarten.

I also remember clearly the almost daily walk to the end of the street, to purchase another liter of milch, from the store at the end of the street. A few times on the way back I spilled almost all of it as I tried to swing the container over my head without spilling.

Sadly, I remember too, the bombed out bunker that sat in the schooyard where a local boy fell into, and severely slashed his leg. All of these memories contribute to me knowing that always I will be a German. Living in Canada for all these years has not diminished my love of the country where I was born. The memories, and my connection to Flensburg, are becoming very strong.

If I had to choose some of the most important memories of my life, of course my marriage, and the birth of my son would win out top honours, but I also place my childhood in Flensburg as being very important. Remembering life in Flensburg evokes memories that are hard to describe, yet no other time of my life seems as important. I believe that my time in Flensburg was instrumental in shaping my character and who I am today.

   I am very interested in finding pictures, either archived, on the internet, or personal photos of the area in and around 7 Johanniskirchhof. Pictures from around the mid 1950's would especially be appreciated. I wonder if any of your listeners, or viewers of the internet site, could help in this matter. I am not asking for original prints, and would gladly pay for any costs.

   Today I am 54, live in Vancouver BC, and am about to retire from a career in Air Traffic Control. My wife and I are about to embark on a sailing voyage on our boat that will take us to the Caribbean, and hopefully eventually around the world.

   I have heard that #7 does not exist on Johannis anymore, nor does the schoolyard. I hope one day to be able to visit the city again that contributed many great memories to my life. If anyone can help, I would appreciate hearing from them.

Thank you.
Klaus Nenn
Vancouver BC

Anzeige -

Johanniskirchhof, Flensburg


Rechts am Ende der Häuserreihe das Gemeindehaus
Rechts (kaum im Bild) die St. Johannis Kirche

Häuser am Johanniskirchhof
Links (nicht im Bild) die St. Johannis Kirche

Häuser am Johanniskirchhof

Häuserreihe am Johanniskirchhof
(St. Johannis Kirche links nicht im Bild)


Johanniskirchhof (rechts erkennbar die St. Johannis Kirche)

Johanniskirchhof Flensburg

Johanniskirchhof (rechts nicht im Bild die St. Johannis Kirche)


Johanniskirchhof (die St. Johannis Kirche rechts nicht im Bild)


Handwerkskammer am Johanniskirchhof, Flensburg
(rechts nicht im Bild die St. Johanns Kirche)

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